Dream. Design. Build. 


Cargo Builders


After working together on a number of renovations and construction projects over the years, designer and television host Kelly Edwards and contractor Art Steedle of Steedle Construction are embracing the tiny house trend with a business venture of their own; Cargo Builders! Capitalizing on the fact that shipping containers are sustainable, readily available, and adaptable enough to construct just about anywhere, their company is dedicated to turning these amazing structures into innovative spaces. They can assist in design, engineering, certification and build approval by creating customized pop up restaurants, habitable living spaces, ground level temporary offices, and highly modified industrial containers.  They also provide a variety of supply options from rentals, sales or rent to own options.

Together, we offer high quality, affordable, and well-designed modules that are fully customizable.

You dream it, we help you realize it! 

Dream. Design. Build.